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    The URL that they include below to check my ticket? Goes to a 404 if you copy and paste it into a browser. The LINK wrapped on that URL goes to their horrible Kayako live chat interface. A chat that apparently isn’t staffed on the weekends, but it’s still up, letting you queue up forever.

    Click on the link and it goes to the chat, copy and past the ‘supporttickets.php’ url, and you get this: http://grab.by/b9Xu

    I’m really not sure if I’m going to bother renting anything from SundanceNOW at this point. Something goes wrong after hours, and nobody is there to deal with it. When do I rent movies? AFTER HOURS.

    Your Ticket has been received and a member of our staff will review it and reply accordingly. Listed below are details of this Ticket. Please make sure the Ticket ID remains in the subject at all times.

    Ticket ID: YTB-xxxxx
    Subject: Playback problems
    Department: SundanceNow
    Priority: Normal
    Status: Open

    You can check the status of or reply to this Ticket online at: http://sundancenowsupport.neulion.com/supporttickets.php
    Please use the following credentials when accessing your account with us:

    Email: rgmurray@gmail.com
    Password: [a new password they assigned for the ticket system]

    I clicked through to the chat after all… and did get a response of sorts after a couple minutes. Responses back from the agent were slow and, while they answered the questions, there was nothing pleasant about the experience.

    Richard Murray: ?
    Richard Murray: Anyone there?
    SundanceNow: Hello, how may I help you?
    Richard Murray: Looking for status on YTB-468603
    Richard Murray: and the support ticket link sends me here.
    SundanceNow: The refund for your SundanceNow purchase has been initiated. Please allow 5-10 days for your bank to process your refund. Please try to stream the feed or download again and see if it will work for you.
    Richard Murray: I’ve received no emails or contact in the past two days.
    SundanceNow: Apologize for the delay in response
    Richard Murray: until this morning when the @SundanceNOW twitter account spoke up.
    Richard Murray: Also, should this URL go somewhere? http://sundancenowsupport.neulion.com/supporttickets.php
    Richard Murray: I get a 404 on that.
    SundanceNow: I’ll bring that to the attention of the tech team
    Richard Murray: The automated email I get to check ticket status lists that URL, but actually wraps it in a link to this chat interface.
    Richard Murray: Can you please send an email to me detailing the resolution of the ticket? Thanks.
    SundanceNow: An Email was sent to you
    Richard Murray: Thanks. Got it.

    So, they’ve refunded my rental fee, and they’ve apologized for the “delay” in response… Really, it was a complete lack of response until business hours on Monday.

    The @SundanceNOW twitter account (marketing, I assume) actually followed up with me, asked if everything was worked out, and sent me a couple promo codes to use for free rentals.

    Thus begins my second email to Support…

    After having no response at all (other than an automated email when I submitted the problem) for 2 days to a support request, I received a response back from the @SundanceNOW Twitter account, and they offered me a couple promo codes to use for rentals as compensation for the hassles.

    These promo codes result in a “Server Error – please contact customer support.”

    Screenshot: http://grab.by/b9WB

    I go to the chat, and watch a window scroll by, telling me how valuable I am, and how a support person will be with me shortly. After 15-20 minutes of this, and no response, I get a screen that tells me that I’m trying to reach the “live chat” outside of available hours of Midday-12am (EST). It was 7:09EST.

    Screenshot: http://grab.by/b9X9

    The person on the twitter account seems to know how to deal with people, but is the service flakey or something on the technical end? Outsourced to some third party that doesn’t care? Oh, and the link in the email for the new ticket still goes to the chat interface and not to the ticketing system.

    I finally got a support agent 10 minutes in on my second try to reach someone in live chat. They were able to use the promo code on their end, but that doesn’t really help me. I tried in Safari as well as Chrome here, and still “Server Error”.

    Then, I opened up the Sundance NOW AIR application and went into My Movies where I had the original problem with the greyed-out play button. I’m able to delete the fully-downloaded film from the other night, and re-download. THIS time, play while downloading is available, and that seems to work. VIDEO.

    This isn’t ideal, but it seems to be allowing me to play the original download that they were going to reverse charges on the rental… I’m not even sure what’s happening at this point. I have a couple valid promo codes that don’t seem to work for me but work for support, and I have a rental that I paid for, but that they reversed the charge on, but that’s still working… Very confused.


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