• Halloween II (512/301)

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    HALLOWEEN II (2009) – The thing that I liked most about the first film in the Rob Zombie re-creation of the franchise? It avoided any obvious reliance on supernatural elements beyond standard movie physics.

    From the start of the film, short of a supernatural rebirth, we were down one psychokiller. Michael re-animates thanks to a wayward cow, and goes on another spree, accompanied by apparitions of Mother Myers and Young Michael.

    Michael’s sister Laurie shares many of these visions… It almost seems like she might suffer a psychotic break and end up taking over the role of unrepentant killer from the start. I like to think that she DID have that break, and all the destruction was caused by Laurie. Though there are witnesses that report seeing Michael, and news cameras that capture him on film, etc, I think it would have been interesting to see the pull back from the scene with Laurie lying on the ground alone – without Michael.

    The actor playing Young Michael just doesn’t look like at all like the kid who played him in the 2007 film, and doesn’t quite have that weird look about him. Weird cameos. Howard Hessemann? WEIRD AL??? No Jamie Lee Curtis though? Sad.


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