• Saw V, Saw VI (479/278)

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    SAW V – The press conference by the police, and all the other scenes in the station just scream “MADE FOR TV MOVIE!” It’s like they used up the production budget on all the elaborate traps, set dressing, and props and had to hire the neighbour kid to shoot all these bits on an old camcorder. Nothing says “1995 Toronto Production” quite like the bad police station and the blue cast to video…

    SAW VI – Okay, finally some story development that makes the last three movies look they were actually planned out in advance, and not just improvised by mediocre actors. This film turns the story arc a bit away from the standalone moralistic killings and tries to make a larger statement on the state of healthcare in the United States. Maybe a bit ham-fisted, but this is the first of the sequels that feels like a story in itself and a full part of the franchise. It ties up more plot holes than it digs, which is a nice bonus.

    I did kind of hope that the last “LIVE / DIE” game was an practical example of the Prisoner’s Dilemma with another pair of people involved in deciding his fate with their own binary switch options.

    With some ruthless editing, I think this series could be cut down into a pair of 2 hour movies that would hold attention well, and maintain a certain level of suspense without all the temporal jumping back and forth.


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