• Godfather, Saw III, Saw IV (467/268)

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    GODFATHER – Fantastic movie – all three hours of it are important to the story of Don Corleone’s (Brando) fall and the rise of his replacement, son Michael (Pacino). I read the book one summer in high school, and never found the time to sit through the full film. It’s one solid piece of film… and now that I’ve set the bar nice and high, I move on to films that aren’t going to be classics 35 years from now.

    SAW III – Jigsaw’s game changes up – two of the first players had no chance at all, and the doctor’s fate is entirely arbitrary, hanging not on her choices so much as how lucky she is with keeping a cancer patient alive. It’s also one of those plots that requires the villain to be really lucky of psychic, plotting out all moves of all of his people hundreds of moves in advance. Did he buy tape players in bulk? We see a lot of them; how many other possible paths did he have planned out, with how many tapes?

    Continuity is pretty bad; take note during the surgery scene – the makeshift depth gauge on the drill moves from 1cm up to 3cm, back to 2cm, and all over. Not great when you’re trying to do brain surgery and need to drill into a skull to a pretty precise depth.

    SAW IV – More of the same, but throwing another bad guy into the mix now that Jigsaw’s dead. I’m pretty sure that this is where the series lost me the first time around, though there aren’t any sharks actually being jumped.


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