• Saw, Saw II (464/267)

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    SAW – I haven’t re-watched this since initial release, and Knowing how this one ends does change my appreciation of the locked room scenario that introduces the story.

    In this film it still feels like Jigsaw is a moralistic killer – he has a very black and white view of the world and is sentencing the bad people. Sure, there are “collateral losses” as part of his tests, but he justifies those away. It has been a while since I saw any of these films, but I seem to remember Jigsaw losing the plot and punishing random people and those who were just personal obstacles to his mission.

    SAW II – Donnie Wahlberg is one of the worst parts of this second film. He over-acts and under-emotes in turns; like he’s channeling David Caruso’s Horatio Caine. This starts to build out the back story with Jigsaw a bit more and gives him an intern.

    On the re-watch of this one, though, the one trap I thought was particularly horrible the first time was the double hand-trap. Put your hands in, and the metal flaps cut you up when you try to remove your hands. Even an idiot could escape from that with little thought; use the base of your thumb to push back the metal flap nearest, and the rest of them will also push back… and pull your hand out. This sort of thing would confuse a carp or a lobster but not… oh… maybe that’s the point…


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