• Violet & Daisy, Elles, Kill List, The Incident (457/261)

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    VIOLET & DAISY – Part Tarantino style quirky dialogue and characterization, this is the story of 8 and 9; a pair of teenage assassins need some cash to buy the latest and greatest Barbie Sunday dress, and they take an “easy” job… that becomes weirder and weirder. Really good, funny and disturbing in turns.

    ELLES – This may not be Juliette Binoche’s best film, but this is a surprisingly good film. I expected a much more soft-focus, romantic film based on the synopsis as I read it. Instead, we three parallel stories; the well-off writer played by Binoche, juggling a distant family and her work, and the stories of two sex workers. The reporter tries not to judge the girls or their clients, and I think it feels pretty non-judgemental.

    KILL LIST – Assassin thriller that turns into a 1970s style Satanic cult film in the second act. WICKER MAN, ROSEMARY’S BABY, that sort of thing. Not as satisfying as a whole film as YOU’RE NEXT or THE INCIDENT, but well done.

    THE INCIDENT – Something of a zombie-style film with insane ‘zombies’ taking over the asylum and killing the guards and staff. The power is out, and the kitchen staff are forced to fend for themselves, trying to hold off the onslaught of Super Crazies.

    “A fine dice…” The ending makes me wonder if the rest of the film happened at all.


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