• UFO In Her Eyes, Juan of The Dead, Tyrannosaur (453/260)

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    UFO IN HER EYES – A little bit science-fiction and a little bit social commentary. An apparently corrupt village bureaucrat takes a woman’s report of a UFO and spins it up into a self-serving tourist attraction.

    JUAN OF THE DEAD – Apparently the first Cuban zombie film ever; filmed in Havana as a joint Spain / Cuba production. This zombie buddy film has a group of common criminals fighting off the dissidents that are invading Cuba from the United States. There are homages to genre films, and jokes about how it’s hard to tell how things are different with the zombies – it’s like everyday Havana, they say, with people looking blank and shuffling around in the streets.

    One of the best mass-kills of zombies I’ve seen in a while; featuring a vehicle, a long rope, and a harpoon gun.

    TYRANNOSAUR – It starts off with a man killing his only friend – his dog. This is not without reason for the story – this act really sets up how lonely, sad, and pathetic Joseph (Peter Mullan) is. He is not a very nice man, but he does get better thanks to Hannah (Olivia Colman). This is not a comfortable film in any way – it’s about how people are composed of shades of grey, and that you can still be generally good even if you’ve done incredibly bad things.


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