• You’re Next, Carré Blanc (450/259)

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    YOU’RE NEXT – The programmer tells a story by way of introduction to the film, about how the film makers had attended Midnight Madness last year as part of TIFF, and had decided that they HAD to make a Midnight Madness film, and started pre-production in early October, and finished the sound mix within days of the film’s premiere this week.

    You’d think a purpose-built film put together on a timeline like that might not turn out so well, and normally you’d be right. This is a great genre film with a good understanding of how sound works, how to build suspense, and a really good understanding of booby trapping a house. Of course, the audio does setup a bit of the black cat effect… artificially building anxiety in the audience, building up to Something Shocking Happening… and then… CAT JUMPS OUT FROM BEHIND THE GARBAGE CANS!

    This is a film that brings all the best of HOME ALONE with a side of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 and a touch of Sigourney Weaver from ALIEN… and maybe just a tiny bit of USUAL SUSPECTS…

    Plus, a scene with a blender that both amuses and disturbs.

    CARRE BLANC – Dystopian future where croquet playing and giving birth are the truly noble pursuits. That and mindless torture. Aspects of 1984 with an oppressive corporate state and a fair share of ultra-violence from CLOCKWORK ORANGE. There are also allusions to SOYLENT GREEN; while I don’t think it’s ever explicitly stated that the dead are repurposed as food, it’s pretty heavily implied.

    Employees of the corporation are put through abusive tests, commonly maimed or killed as part of these tests, anyone who survives is likely a sociopath. They’re also likely to do well in the corporation.


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