• Livid (443/256)

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    LIVID – This is a bit confusing, and I might have to watch it again. It builds rather slowly for what feels like hour, before anything happens, and the action is not as grand or lengthy as I’d have imagined – it’s over much too quickly, and there are a lot of questions unanswered at the end.

    We first meet Lucie who is assisting a personal care nurse on her rounds, visiting shut-ins to administer medicine and clean up life’s little accidents. On the last stop of the day, they visit one particularly creepy place that was the stuff of scary legends with the local kids.

    Lucie returns in the middle of the night with friends to break in and steal the hidden treasures that the old invalid recluse surely has squirreled away. Well, bad news, boys;

    French vampires would seem to be much different from the traditional in nearly all ways except for the blood lust… They don’t burst into flame when exposed to the sun, but they burn very slowly, and become very light – they fly in the day as a result, though they are harmed… The young vampire’s face had cracked and bled, but at the end, the ruined skin flaked away to reveal a porcelain smooth facade. Maybe the sun isn’t terminal for French vampires?

    There is an odd chrysalis device used to transfer souls, that reminds me vaguely of CHRONOS and the mansion at night reminds me of CEMETARY MAN’s snow globe. The film makers refer to it as something of a connection to the house in BEETLEJUICE.


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