• In Darkness, Tony: London Serial Killer (442/255)

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    IN DARKNESS – Two and a half hours but it felt like more – plenty of blackness and waiting, punctuated with occasional bursts of activity. It’s largely quite numbing; boring, even. Shockingly few of the characters get fleshed out enough to make me sympathetic to them, and this is based on a real story of a small group of Jews who survived by hiding from the Nazis in the sewers of Lvov, Ukraine…

    I was on the side of these Jews from the start, but given 150 minutes, only the Catholic thief really gets any kind of character development. Those hiding? Not so much. One of them is orthodox, one of them is apparently rich and embarassed of his people, and one is cheating on his wife, right in front of her. That’s it.

    Still, it’s really worth watching.

    TONY: LONDON SERIAL KILLER – A lonely awkward man, put upon by all those around him, regularly blamed for things he didn’t do, has one hobby to help fill his days. He seems to be trying, poorly, to find friends, but that turns out not to be quite right… He’s trying, oddly successfully, to lure people back to his flat to kill. Every so often, people stumble into his web of their own devices, and Tony’s not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.


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