• Twiggy, God Bless America, Hick (440/254)

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    GOD BLESS AMERICA – It’s a film about rude people, inconsiderate people, and evil people who make others dance for their amusement. It’s also a film about shooting those motherfuckers right in their empty fucking heads.

    It’s a fantastic film in so many ways. Maybe it’s a meaner version of FALLING DOWN, but the crimes that are being punished are much more common, tangible, and everyday. I think many of us who consider ourselves liberal and accepting individuals could also imagine just how much of a push it would take us to reach this point. With FALLING DOWN, while you could understand Michael Douglas’ character, you could almost see what it would take to become Joel Murray’s character.

    Tara Lynne Barr and Joel Murray are a great team, and I think Joel has a great monologue toward the end of the film that is Oscar quality stuff.

    TWIGGY – This is a film where everyone around Sarah knows better than she does what she should do. She’s in heavy denial mode after finding out she’s “suddenly” six months pregnant, and effectively shuts down. She refuses to plan for her baby’s birth, and only really starts to plan an escape route to another life. Something of a coming of age film, with no real surprises in plot or character development.

    HICK – Chloe Grace Moretz is turning out to be a great actress, and she has a Tim Burton and Martin Scorsese film coming up. She’s playing another role here where her character is old well beyond her years thanks to some seriously bad parenting. She hitches a ride with a cowboy and ends up in some seriously bad situations that, in a perfect world, no 13 year old would even be able to imagine.


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