• Outside Satan, Wuthering Heights, Breathing (437/253)

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    OUTSIDE SATAN This is a bit like watching a landscape painting for two hours. An EVIL landscape. It’s slow, and the pieces come slowly; some never show up.

    The male lead is apparently a god or a devil or some sort of spirit. Or a dirty hobo that weird shit happens around.

    She wants him, and he is the only man in town not interested. Later in the film, I think it becomes more apparent why he doesn’t want to kiss her…

    WUTHERING HEIGHTS Amazing photography, makes me appreciate 4:3 a bit more, too.

    To be fair, I have zero exposure to the work of Brontė that inspired this film. Therefore, I can’t complain about the choices that were made where the filmmaker turns away from the classic work of literature, as I have no way of knowing. All I can judge this on is the film itself. The sound track is almost entirely natural, and appears to be ambient, real sound not folly. There is a song on the credits, but otherwise it feels natural.

    It’s a film full of assholes that would die if they made someone around them happy

    BREATHING – The lead was not an actor prior to this film, but the director wasn’t a director either, and they both perform very well, all things considered. This is my favourite of the three films today.

    It’s about a kid who’s never been out of “The System” – raised in an orphanage, he was then sentenced to a juvenile detention center. Now he seems to be jeopardy of never leaving the detention center he’s currently in through lack of skill or care.

    The director paraphrased Wim Wenders who was asked (in Serajevo?) what he felt about the CITY OF ANGELS reworking of his WINGS OF DESIRE film. I finally re-watched WINGS OF DESIRE just the night previous, so this was a nice coincidence. Wim was explaining that he doesn’t believe in telling stories in the same way – that he presents pieces of a story, and not a linear storyline like the Americans seem to require.


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