• Raging Bull, Duck Soup (424/246)

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    RAGING BULL (Netflix) – This film looks fantastic. The film fast forwards through the successes and increasingly frequent failures in boxer Jake La Motta’s (De Niro) life. Both he and his brother Joey (Pesci) are rash and violent men, and Jake seems to be trying to destroy both their lives.

    DUCK SOUP (Netflix) – First off; I do find the Marx Brothers funny for the most part, and Groucho sure did have a unique style of speaking. I can appreciate that the American Film Institute felt the need to include a Marx Brothers feature in their list of the Top 100 American Films for purely historical reasons if nothing else, but I don’t think this is a good film. There are amusing bits, and there’s almost the start of a political satire off the start, but it just turns into a long sequence of gags that haven’t held up well. AFI may as well put HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE on their list at this rate… it also has its funny bits, but it’s hardly a good film.


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