• Wrecked, Passchendaele (422/246)

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    WRECKED (Netflix) – A man (Adrien Brody) wakes up in a car, hurt, and unable to remember how he got where he is. Slowly memories and people come back to him, but who are these faces, and did he do something bad? False memories and hallucinations make things harder to pick out for the viewer – should we be sympathetic to his plight, or has he done something evil and this is his personal Hell? Well done; in many ways it’s better than 127, even without any self-amputations.

    PASSCHENDAELE (Netflix) – The first half of this film seems to be from an entirely different story, and I don’t think it’s a really good fit. Nearly the whole addiction angle, the relationship with the nurse, the racism, and the whole bit with the doctor’s daughter and the asthmatic… I think that could have stood to be hurried along a bit. It looks good, it sounds good, and the acting is fine, but this is really two stories at least, poorly merged.


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