• Survival of the Dead (420/245)

    by  • 9/2/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD (Netflix) – Followup to DIARY OF THE DEAD with the return of Sarge Nicotine Crockett in a more central role. Apparently the …OF THE DEAD series didn’t believe in bringing back characters from past films. Well, that or the actors had better things to do that reprise their role in a low budget zombie flick.

    There’s nothing really new here – it’s an isolated area infested with zombies and people trying not to get bitten. There’s also a bit of an odd Hatfield / McCoy feud going on over whether or not to teach the undead jobs,

    This is the second movie I’ve featuring a bit part starring George Stroumboulopoulos as a background TV host; according to IMDB, he’s only done five such roles, so packing in 40% of them in one week is a surprise. I might have to find SCORE later and up that to 60%.


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