• Phoebe In Wonderland, Hobo with a Shotgun (417/243)

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    PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND (Netflix) – I actually read the Alice books a couple years ago, and they’re really quit disturbing. Alice was a very sad, lonely girl. A strong character, but seriously flawed. Here we have a film about the kind of Alice I read about in the story as an adult; not the one that Disney invented. The heroine here is name Phoebe, not Alice, and she’s as broken as any girl who’s ever fallen down a rabbit hole. Possibly more so. The way that they tie up Phoebe’s story is well handled, though I think id could have been better without the musical number.

    HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (Netflix) – Amused me just a bit to see the opening shots of Halifax city skyline in the distance with the sign “Welcome to Scumville” in the foreground. Seeing the gory death of TRAILER PARK BOYS’ Rob Wells on screen was well worth the price of admission.


    I think this is definitely one of the better Rutger Hauer roles… Great look to the film, nice touches with the old Canadian $10 bills, etc.


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