• Chaos Theory, Paper Man (415/242)

    by  • 8/30/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    CHAOS THEORY (Netflix) – About the only thing this film really has going for it in the grand scheme is Sarah Chalke, and she’s little more than a prop in lingerie in this film. Romantic comedy that has an anal retentive list maker who plans his day to the minute married to someone who resents his lists and “helps” by setting the clock back ten minutes to give him a couple extra minute in the morning. Yes, sets it back, and screws up his list, and their marriage… but gosh darn it, everything works out just super in the end! It’s not a bad film, it’s just trying very hard.

    PAPER MAN (Netflix) – Jeff Daniels and Emma Stone are really quite good here – two sad, lonely people who help each other out of their respective ruts. Nothing shocking, nothing surprising; just sad characters well acted. How did I accidentally choose two films in a row with Ryan Reynolds in them?


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