• The Devil’s Double (413/241)

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    THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE (Carlton) – Dominic Cooper’s portrayal of Uday Saddam Hussein reminds me a bit of Al Pacino in SCARFACE through a somewhat dim memory of that film. Maybe it’s just the portrayal of crazy people with seemingly unlimited power. If even a tenth of this film approaches the reality of what happened in Baghdad to Latif, this is still a terrifying story. Uday is shown as something of a mama’s boy, extremely lonely and quite unhinged. At times, there are glimpses of humanity in a look, but then someone’s being disemboweled.

    Dominic’s quite excellent dual role aside, my favorite performance is that of Munem, portrayed by Raad Rawi. If anyone in the Hussein ‘administration’ could be considered to be presented in a positive light, it’s Munem.

    The story stands still for quite some time as Latif becomes more and more Uday and Uday becomes more and more crazy… then suddenly, Latif escapes… It’s as if the screenwriters adapting the story realized they were running out of time and hurried to meet a deadline. Other than the rush to the conclusion, it was a film for great performances.


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