• Dead Snow, Mona Lisa, Our Idiot Brother (412/240)

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    DEAD SNOW – A group of medical students on Easter holiday in a cabin deep in the mountains; drinking, sex in the outhouse, strange scary mountain man with spooky stories of the Weird Happenings in the area. Some definite homage to classic genre films with the montage arming-up scene in the shed, attempts at unique gruesome death sequences, etc.

    Nazis AND zombies. I’m surprised that it’s taken this long to happen. There are some really well done effects, and some especially well done makeup on Der Kommandant.

    I think that the real take-away lesson here is “When a man is busy fighting Nazi zombies with an axe, do not sneak up behind him and grab him by the shoulder.”

    MONA LISA – George (Bob Hoskins) has returned from serving a lengthy prison sentence, apparently taking the fall for the boss (Michael Caine). Things have changed, he’s told, and he’s put to work driving a call-girl name Simone between appointments. It’s a little bit George trying to rescue Simone, and a little bit Simone trying to rescue her friend Cathy. There is a happy ending here, but it’s neither the PRETTY WOMAN ending nor what you’re thinking, pervert. It’s a good film that’s all levels of grey – no black or white.

    OUR IDIOT BROTHER – Ned doesn’t really have any complaints about life; he’s just happy to be here for the ride. He accepts the anger of others in stride, and while maybe showing a little bit of frustration at times, he’s not a man who gets angry. The film seems to establish that he smokes a whole lot of weed, and that that’s why he’s happy and nice and more than a little bit incompetent.

    This is what makes it so shocking when he does let the anger surface over his sisters’ lack of morals, ethics, and spinelessness. While he never directly confronts them on their specific failings, he sets the scene and makes it impossible for them to ignore their own problems by assigning them to “the idiot.”

    The relationship between Ned and Billy through the film is one of the funnier things as far as I’m concerned.


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