• Dance of The Dead, Cemetery Man, The Trotsky (409/239)

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    DANCE OF THE DEAD (2008) (Netflix) – I thought I might have watched this on Easter Zombies, but I must have watched it another time. A bunch of losers who couldn’t get prom dates band together to defeat the undead. It’s a well done teenage zombie film complete with zombie make-out session. There’s a small part here that I think may be a tribute to Francesco Dellamorte in CEMETERY MAN.

    CEMETERY MAN – An odd little film about a town where people don’t always stay dead, and the engineer who makes sure the dead stay within cemetery walls. It’s a little confused around the middle, but I like the central part of the story.

    THE TROTSKY (Netflix) – Leon Trotsky is reborn as the son of a (smalltime) industrialist. He even has a checklist of points in Trotsky’s life that he seeks to emulate; the older woman to marry, exile, etc. As punishment for his actions in trying to unionize his father’s factory, Leon is sent to Public School; which shouldn’t really be punishment to any good socialist. While there, he tries to rally bored and disinterested Montreal high school students to strike.


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