• Jesus Christ Superstar (406/238)

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    JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (TIFF Lightbox) – I’m not a huge fan of musicals as a rule, but this and HAIR are two that I find completely amazing. I’m sure that part of the attraction is the sheer sacrilege of Singing Jesus and Judas, but I really watch mostly for Herod’s song and dance number.

    Jesus, I am overjoyed
    To meet you face to face
    You’ve been getting quite a name
    All around the place
    Healing cripples
    Raising from the dead
    Now I understand you’re God
    At least that’s what you’ve said

    So you are the Christ
    You’re the great Jesus Christ
    Prove to me that you’re divine
    Change my water into wine
    That’s all you need do
    Then I’ll know it’s all true
    C’mon King of the Jews…

    Well, maybe that and the Simon Zealotes song with the crazy crowd chanting.

    Christ you know I love you.
    Did you see I waved?
    I believe in you and God,
    So tell me that I’m saved.
    Jesus I am with you.
    Touch me, touch me, Jesus.
    Jesus I am on your side.
    Kiss me, kiss me, Jesus.


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