• Arthur, Arthur 2, The Bed Sitting Room (401/233)

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    ARTHUR (Netflix) – I’m a bit surprised watching this. It’s really a sad movie in disguise. A sad movie full of people who can’t be bothered to pay attention to Arthur’s problems, and so he tries to drink himself to death. Cut off a kid because he won’t marry someone he doesn’t want to marry? Even Grandma’s an asshole. No wonder he drinks.

    ARTHUR 2: ON THE ROCKS (Netflix) – Apparently “true love” wasn’t enough to save Arthur, so he’s back to his slow suicide plan. This is basically more of the same, with the addition of the family actually following through on disowning Arthur.

    THE BED SITTING ROOM (Netflix) – Following the Dudley Moore theme I’ve apparently gone with, this is a seriously absurdist, post-apocalyptic film. It’s a bit like A BOY AND HIS DOG as performed by Monty Python. Something about living on Circle Line trains amuses me; living only off what can be quickly scavenged from the station platforms. God save Mrs Ethel Shroake!


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