• Interplanetary, Aaah! Zombies!!, Terri (398/232)

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    INTERPLANETARY (Netflix) – This film isn’t really clear on what it wants to be. It could be a satire about overly bureaucratic organizations or a science-fiction monster movie. I enjoy low budget films, but not when they’re boring.

    AAAH! ZOMBIES!! (WASTED AWAY) (Netflix) – Another extremely low budget zombie movie where the zombie epidemic is brought about by secret military experiments. The difference here is that this one has a rather unique approach to the subject matter; it’s told from the point of view of the zombies. Zombies who aren’t sure what’s happened, or why everyone around them speaks and moves so fast; or why everyone is either running away or shooting at them. Really quite well done.

    TERRI (AMC) – A teenage drama focused on three kids with very different problems. Everyone here is flawed; Terri and his uncle, Quirky and fun, no easy solutions, and an indeterminate ending point.


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