• World’s Greatest Dad, Made in Britain, Kick-Ass (385/225)

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    WORLD’S GREATEST DAD (Netflix) – Lance is a man surrounded by assholes. It’s not just that he doesn’t have friends – it’s that all the possible people he could relate to are complete assholes. Kyle, his kid, is a huge asshole; so much so that I couldn’t wait for him to die. Lance’s co-workers are horrible before Kyle dies, and they’re worse afterwards when they turn into huge assholes. The only person around who isn’t an asshole seems to be Kyle’s friend, Andrew. A better film than I expected, written and directed by by Bobcat Goldthwait.

    MADE IN BRITAIN (Netflix) – Tim Roth in 1982, playing a baby skinhead. No real resolution at the end, but just how do you resolve a movie about a punk with no future in Thatcher’s Britain? Music by the EXPLOITED. This is the sort of film that played on British TV in the 80s? Tim Roth was perfectly suited for the part. Drug abuse, senseless violence, racist comments, disrespect to authority figures… Check, check, check…

    KICK ASS (Netflix) – I saw this last year at a preview screening, and it was amazing. Still just as fun with fight scenes set to Banana Splits Theme and Bad Reputation. Looking forward to the followup.


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