• Winnebago Man, True Stories (382/224)

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    WINNEBAGO MAN (Hulu) – You’ve surely seen the subject of this film before. Out-takes from an industrial video he wrote and starred in have been circulating for 20 years – much of that in found footage festivals and hand-dubbed and traded video tapes, and online in the last five years thanks to Youtube.

    “I don’t want any more bullshit anytime during the day from anyone… And that includes me.”

    The film-maker tracks down Jack Rebney, the foul-mouthed star of a Winnebago industrial video and introduces him to his accidental fans. I quite like Jack… he’s a bit of a grouch, but seems to be mostly a nice guy if you stick around a bit.

    TRUE STORIES (Netflix) – After watching this feature length Talking Heads video, and enjoying it, I read the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Those reviews, while generally quite favourable, confused me. They ascribed all sorts of motive and narrative to the film that didn’t really need it. It’s an odd film, maybe a bit like SHOCK TREATMENT but without superfluous narrative wedged in around the music.


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