• Dead End, Punch Drunk Love (379/222)

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    DEAD END (Netflix) – Humphrey Bogart as a former Dead End Kid who made good – as good as any kid from the Dead End of 54th Street could hope for – as gangster Baby Face Martin. He’s come back to his old neighbourhood to look up his mother and his old girlfriend. They’re not as happy to see him as he hoped. As his story unfolds, the next generation of made men are seen growing up on the same street.

    PUNCH DRUNK LOVE (Netflix) – If Adam Sandler played in more movies like this, I think I wouldn’t flinch every time someone refers to him as an actor. Still wish he’d jammed that phone handset down Mr Mattress’ throat.


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    1. 8/11/2011 at 10:38 pm

      Agreed. Sandler, playing a ROLE? But that movie is all director. Loved it.

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