• Revenge Of The Nerds, Wilby Wonderful (364/213)

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    REVENGE OF THE NERDS (Netflix) – How a house full of socially awkward losers win friends, influence people, and take over an entire university by secretly photographing and distributing pictures of a nude cheerleader. Further cementing the group’s new found power, Lewis wins that same cheerleader’s love through “surprise sex”…

    It’s unsettling how films that I remember as being so much better have these huge flaws in them. It may not be Mickey Rooney in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, but it’s something that I’m a bit embarrassed to have forgotten. So many 80s movies are turning out to be completely different than I remember them… Damn you, Netflix.

    WILBY WONDERFUL (Netflix) – This has a very Canadian cast, without having to resort to Terry David Mulligan. I see this as partly about acceptance and community… and how small towns often don’t practice these concepts.

    Irene: Don’t wanna be goin ta Dover Beach
    Sandra: Why’s that?
    Irene: That’s where the queers hang out. Ever since they got tha boot off The Watch. Now they hang around the change rooms for the Beach
    Sandra: Give it a rest, Irene.
    Irene: It’s true! My cousin works for The Sentinel. I’ve got the inside on the whole story.
    Sandra: Ya ever hear of ‘live and let live,’ Irene?
    Irene: We don’t do that here. Thank God.

    I had a couple variations on that conversation with people when we lived in Nova Scotia.


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