• Cowboys and Aliens (357/210)

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    COWBOYS AND ALIENS (Carlton) – I was talking to one of the guys who works at the Carlton and found out the secret behind why I’ve seen the COWBOYS AND ALIENS trailer so many times; a plot by the Carlton’s projectionist. Apparently he was taking the opportunity to play the trailer as often as possible just to drive me insane; well, maybe it wasn’t intentionally directed at me. I still think I saw more minutes of trailer than I did of movie.

    There is a moment toward the end where Craig’s character arrives in a dimly lit cave to meet ???’s character. I felt a sense of dislocation at this point because Craig had become Indiana Jones playing to ??? (woman from Indiana) in the temple in that first movie. Earlier I had noticed that the three main characters had very similar eye colours, but hadn’t really noticed just how much Craig could play Ford until the action really started and Ford’s character relaxed a bit.


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