• Horrible Bosses (354/207)

    by  • 7/26/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    HORRIBLE BOSSES (AMC) – There’s one thing about this film that I just can’t get past – employer sexual harassment isn’t funny. Sure, there are some well done jokes around the situation, but those seem to be accidental. Most of the jokes on that third of the trio of horrible bosses hinge on the point that it’s a man who’s on the receiving end of unwanted attention from his female boss. You know the sort of joke -“Ha ha! What are you complaining about?” At least the other two stories mesh well, and overlap nicely. Maybe the female third boss was tacked out and rounded out with notes from the studio in order to try to make the film different from STRANGERS ON A TRAIN? The Lehman Brothers gag was pretty decent though.


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