• Cashback, Captain America, FUBAR II (350/204)

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    CASHBACK (Netflix) – “This tells me so much more than you could ever say…” What? That he’s a creepy stalker wannabe? Not just figuratively undressing women with his mind, but literally undressing them when he stops time. No, not creepy at all. Other than the weird stalker vibe, it’s mostly a bit of a cute romantic comedy.

    CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER (Carlton) – Better than THOR or the pair of IRON MAN films, maybe even all of them put together. I did temporarily side with Red Skull at one point, when he advocated a world without flags while Captain America defended nationalism. Sure, Red’s talking about a world-wide dictatorship, but still… rah rah nationalism bugs me, even when it’s coming from a notorious propaganda machine like Captain America.

    FUBAR II (iTunes) – The boys head up north to make big money in Fort McMurray so that they can afford more partying. Maybe not as strong as the first film, but still better than the TRAILERPARK BOYS films as far as I’m concerned.


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