• TAM 9 in Las Vegas

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    Tuesday – Off in pursuit of a SIM card for the iPhone with Reed Esau playing tour guide through old Vegas. White Cross drug store lunch counter for burgers, Frankie’s Tiki Room for rum-based drinks, and then milk shakes at some little little shop beside the Radio Shack we eventually found.

    Wednesday – Mac King afternoon show. I think one of the best parts was when the woman at the door came up and asked “How many in your party?” I smiled and responded “sixteen.” She responded, apparently angry; “HOW MANY PEOPLE IN YOUR PARTY, SIR?” Weird reaction… I looked at her, looked back at the group of people I was with, and said “sixteen…?” and she huffed and pointed at a spot.

    Back at the Southpoint, the Canadian Contingent met for Mexican food at Baja Miguels. Fred Bremmer, Ethan Clow, Micheal Kruse, Rob Tarzwell and other Canadians I’m forgetting, as well as an American and a pair of Australians

    Thursday night – Ran into Desiree Schell and Brian Thompson who seemed to be hiding in the slot machines… I’d been heading back to my room from the Del Mar Lounge, but stopped to plot for a half hour or so.

    Friday – Met Yau-Man Chan in the hall, and he pulled a Survivor postcard out of his pocket and signed it for me when he found I was from out of country.

    PZ Myers misrepresented an entire panel as liars on twitter by quote-mining. Of course, when confronted, he said he’d never quote mine as if that negated what he’d done. I wanted to snag him and discuss it in person rather than via twitter, but whenever I saw him after that panel, he was surrounded by a group of people. That group was typically all male, and when I came close, they were talking about Elevator Etiquette. I wasn’t about to wade into that mine field.

    Saturday – Standing in the hall joking about people in line for pertussis vaccinations not knowing what they were lining up for, and getting to the front of the line… only to find no snacks, no cookies. Shortly after, I went to walk around the line and ran into Erik, who was lined up for the shot. He had a bowl of home-made cookies and offered me one. I’m not sure which of us is psychic here – maybe both of us.

    Sunday – Dinner at Gaylord’s Indian Restaurant at the Rio prior to Penn & Teller with about a dozen people.

    I had a couple people that I didn’t know come up to me and say hello, and that they liked whatever it was that I do. I’m not exactly sure what that is… but they all assured me that they weren’t mistaken, and that they follow me on twitter or facebook. Neat


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