• MST3K The Beatnicks, Mega Python vs Gatoroid, Foolproof (335/191)

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    MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000: THE BEATNIKS (S4E15) (Netflix) – Some of the cleanest, non-poetry-reading Beatniks ever in this 1960s ‘drama’. The MST3K riffing wasn’t much funnier than the movie itself, which wasn’t funny at all unless you include the continuity and plot. Original movie from 1960, MST3K version from 1992.

    MEGA PYTHON VS GATOROID (Netflix) – Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, Sy-Fy Channel? I think the producers of this one just build the whole movie around the pop-singer cat-fight in the Waiting for your next film with Mitsou and Samantha Fox teaming up. IMDB shows this as a 3/10, and Netflix shows a 3/5 based on my previous ratings. I think I’m going to go with IMDB on this one for acting and CGI and plot and costuming and script and camera work and sound and… but Netflix if we’re merely evaluating the strength of the cheese…

    I’m not sure if Sy-Fy was trying to do this as a comedy, but game wardens feed ‘experimental steroids’ to alligators as their “only hope” to fight against the invasion of pythons? I don’t think I’ve seen any classic B-Movie monster films with ideas this stupid.

    You know how the novelty costumes “Sexy Nurse” or “Sexy School Girl” aren’t really that sexy? Yeah, well, “Sexy Game Warden” is kind of sad.

    Despite the ‘tragic’ ending, maybe there could still be a sequel of MEGA GIBSON VS TIFFANOID…

    FOOLPROOF (Netflix) – This is a really good heist / thriller film about a small group that works really hard to plan, simulate, but never actually execute elaborate heists. They do elaborate surveillance, socially and physically engineer their way past security systems, and access expensive goods. It’s elaborate, and expensive puzzle solving. Until someone extorts their help on a real job.

    This is a really solid, accessible, and well produced Canadian film. Many of the exterior shots are obviously in downtown Toronto, and Toronto place names and Toronto street furniture aren’t hidden and replaced with generic “Americana.” Canadian flags are even evident on firefighter uniforms at one point.


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