• Noise, Noise, The Quiet, Raising Arizona (320/182)

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    NOISE (2004) – I start off feeling bad for Joyce (Trish Goff) who moves into an old apartment under an incredibly noisy upstairs neighbour. I think everyone who lives in the city has run into this sort of thing – you move into a new place, and the guy upstairs starts up the clog-dancing at 3am… Of course, when you DO break down and confront them about it, they appear not to understand how they could possibly be disturbing you.

    Charlotte (Ally Sheedy) initially comes across as seriously insane, and soon, Joyce finds herself making things even worse. By about the half-way point in the film, it’s not even clear what is real and what is merely in Joyce’s head. Soon, Joyce starts to move right in to Charlotte’s life.

    Goff and Sheedy are really good in this film, and you can watch as Joyce begins to assume Charlotte’s role more and more. I hope that Trish Goff acts more – she seems quite good at it.

    NOISE (2007) – I think that everyone has plotted out huge amounts of what David Owen (Tim Robbins) does in this film. Who hasn’t thought about reducing that car with its blaring alarm to rubble?

    THE QUIET (Netflix) – A little bit too melodramatic in parts, and completely ludicrous in others. It feels like amateur hour dinner theater. It seemed like an interesting enough idea, but it’s a mess. The two teenaged girls (Cuthbert and Belle) are interesting enough, but the rest of the film is a train wreck around them. Their relationships and motivations are badly thought out at best. The worst part about the incestuous part of the story line is that the audience isn’t cringing based on the situation – we’re cringing because it’s so badly played.

    RAISING ARIZONA (Netflix) – Nicolas Cage when he was an honestly funny actor playing quirky roles. The film is absurd, a cartoon, but still uniquely funny.


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