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    Tree of Life, West Side Story, Goliath (362/212)

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    TREE OF LIFE (Lightbox) – Shortly after it opened at Cannes, I read about how unusual its reception was; with a pretty divided audience; people BOOED? Reviews called it pretentious, full of itself, and even worse. Reviewers went to lengths describing how this was a film about faith in the religious sense… I stopped reading […]

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    Young@Heart, Repulsion (359/211)

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    YOUNG@HEART (Netflix) – There are some fun candid scenes; soft shoe in the jail hallway, discussions about who has and has not had the Last Rites said for them, etc. Are these 70 and 80-somethings feeling young because they sing, or do they sing because they feel young? Singing old standards that you’d hear from […]

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    Cowboys and Aliens (357/210)

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    COWBOYS AND ALIENS (Carlton) – I was talking to one of the guys who works at the Carlton and found out the secret behind why I’ve seen the COWBOYS AND ALIENS trailer so many times; a plot by the Carlton’s projectionist. Apparently he was taking the opportunity to play the trailer as often as possible […]

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    Love That Boy (356/209)

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    LOVE THAT BOY (Netflix) – I played this one mostly in the interests of being an Ellen Page completist. Her part is small; almost in the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ category. There’s the germ of a decent film in there, but it spends the first hour trying to find its legs. It’s the kind […]

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    One Week (355/208)

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    ONE WEEK (iTunes) – A Canadian road movie. I didn’t know anything like that existed, but here we are – Joshua Jackson playing the much politer version of Jack Kerouac. He visits “World’s Biggest…” tourist attractions as part of a spontaneous trip in reaction to the news that he has stage four cancer. He’s just […]

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    Horrible Bosses (354/207)

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    HORRIBLE BOSSES (AMC) – There’s one thing about this film that I just can’t get past – employer sexual harassment isn’t funny. Sure, there are some well done jokes around the situation, but those seem to be accidental. Most of the jokes on that third of the trio of horrible bosses hinge on the point […]

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    The Ledge (353/206)

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    THE LEDGE – I was a bit afraid that this would be on par with religious movies like LEFT BEHIND when I heard about it. I had low expectations going in, but I was pleasantly surprised; the acting and the story are pretty good. The atheist character is a bit of an asshole. Oh, he’s […]

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    Case 39, Potiche (352/205)

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    CASE 39 (Netflix) – If you have any problems with bugs; especially hornets or bees, you might want to avoid this film. Also, if you have problems with poorly done horror / supernatural thriller films, then you might do better elsewhere. The story is basically told twice; once with Zellweger on the outside, and another […]

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    Cashback, Captain America, FUBAR II (350/204)

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    CASHBACK (Netflix) – “This tells me so much more than you could ever say…” What? That he’s a creepy stalker wannabe? Not just figuratively undressing women with his mind, but literally undressing them when he stops time. No, not creepy at all. Other than the weird stalker vibe, it’s mostly a bit of a cute […]

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    The Producers, Titanic II (347/203)

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    THE PRODUCERS (2005) (Netflix) – Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are my least favourite parts of this film. As the leads, they’re nearly always on screen bothering me with their silly interpretations of their characters. Uma Thurman and Will Ferrell are better, and Ferrell even has some really good moments. Playing SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER director […]

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