• Lord of War, King of California (308/176)

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    LORD OF WAR (iTunes) – Nic Cage at his emotionless best, playing the apparently sociopathic Yuri Orlov. Yuri sets up shop as an international arms dealer when things in the family restaurant just aren’t doing it for him. Soon enough, he’s on a first name basis with a Liberian warlord, and he’s seduced and married his dream girl. He stays uninvolved, reminding himself, and his brother, that whatever happens with the weapons, it’s not THEIR fight. Eventually, it IS their fight. Thankfully, this is not a preachy film, and it’s one of the better films I can recall seeing Cage in recently.

    KING OF CALIFORNIA (Netflix) – Charlie (Michael Douglas) has come up with a plan to find secret Spanish Gold buried in his California neighbourhood. He deciphered the ‘hidden codes’ in old books while he was away in a mental hospital. Somehow, he manages to convince everyone around him to believe in his quest. It’s a movie about dreams, about following them to the end, no matter what obstacles are in the way; not sewers, not oceans. It’s okay, and a lot more based in sanity than NATIONAL TREASURE.

    Also; Costco Swingers.


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