• Green Lantern, Meek’s Cutoff (300/169)

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    GREEN LANTERN (Carlton) – I really need to go into comic book films with really poor expectations. Thanks to Rotten Tomatoes and their 23%, I think I enjoyed this more than I would have otherwise.

    I really only have the vaguest of memories of the Green Lantern from the comics; basically a guy who always came up with the goody big green devices in fights… Not a lot more than that, really. So, if this film didn’t portray everything absolutely accurately, I have no idea.

    The romantic interest storyline was weak, but that’s no big surprise for a comic book or a film based on one. Old school comics were written and drawn mostly by guys who didn’t understand girls, so no real shock on this front.

    The CGI was over glossy and over utilized, and the uncanny valley was wide on Hal Jordan and the other Lanterns.

    MEEK’S CUTOFF (Carlton) – This is one that’s more experience than story – you’re on this wagon trail with these eight people, and you’re no more sure what’s over that next hill than they are.


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