• Ushpizin (298/168)

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    USHPIZIN (Netflix) – You can do anything you want, but lay off the man’s lemon. Messing with a man’s citron will cause him to lose his MIND!

    An Orthodox Jewish couple prepares for the festival of Succoth as best they can with no money. They have nothing to buy fancy ritual ingredients, food, or materials to build their Succa. Through the power of prayer (as Moeshe sees it, at least) they receive not only money, but someone’s ‘abandoned’ hut comes their way.

    Moeshe has a dark past, and God visits on him some of the most disagreeable guests; one from Moeshe’s past. ‘God is good for visiting these misfortunes on us!’ Moeshe would say. God forbid, his wife disagrees a bit on this.

    This is a relatively light-hearted look at how religious festivals and life work with the Ultra-Orthodox. It teases a bit about some of the things people will do for religious bragging rights; the nicest prayer shawl, the most perfect citron, the straightest fronds, etc. The film does touch on how, sometimes, for some people, religion can be a good and transformative thing.


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