• Knight and Day (286/160)

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    KNIGHT AND DAY (Netflix) – I didn’t intend to watch this after I saw the trailer for it… part of my moratorium on movies starring people who honestly seem to be insane. Tom Cruise, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carey, Charlie Sheen… you know… insane. I saw it come up on Netflix, and decided I’d give it a try. I don’t think that Noted Scientologist Tom Cruise realizes he’s playing someone who, like the actor himself, could likely benefit from a bit of help from the Psychiatric profession.

    There’s an interesting take on a time-compressing montage, where, instead of showing the duo completing a bunch of work to music, we get glimpses of an amazing escape from an impossible situation without having to explain it. Funny, even if it’s a bit of a cheap shortcut. Oh no. Vulcan neck pinch.

    About halfway through, Diaz’s character seems the stronger character, and Cruise’s becomes less and less real. Yet somehow she’s still in need of rescue. No need to have to end up with the helpless woman in love with the crazy man. Wasn’t Katie Holmes available to play opposite him?


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