• Rubber (285/159)

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    RUBBER (iTunes) – Based on the trailer, I initially thought that this might be something along the lines of ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES; a funny, odd horror film with an unlikely killer. Instead, there’s something much more unusual going on here. It’s something of a surrealist fantasy with a couple really unusual plots at work. Yes, I know, it’s a film about a psychotic, self-aware, rubber tire that falls in love with a human woman. It’s not really much different than any thriller with a human psycho killer – she pays no attention on the instances that they do meet, and he just wants to say something, but can’t.

    The situation of the self-aware police lieutenant, fully aware that this is a movie, and now that he’s killed off the audience, everything’s going to be fine… but it’s not. Knowing that he’s in a film isn’t enough, and he can’t escape. I think it’s wrong to look at this as a spoof of horror films or even a comedy. This film may be absurd, but its absurdity is serious, not flippant. This is as much a film about how the film industry feeds its audiences poison, at the audience’s command, and celebrates when the audience sickens and dies.

    Reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes complained about how absurd the film was, how it’s a movie for hipsters, how you just want to kick it in the teeth, etc… You’d think these people had never heard of French cinema.


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