• Daydream Nation, Dummy (278/152)

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    DAYDREAM NATION (iTunes) – Main characters include a sad, lonely English teacher, who becomes more pathetic as time goes by; a beautiful and bored new girl at school; and a small group of stoners. Everyone in this film thinks that they’re a special unique flower, and they all seem like they’re waiting for someone else to just notice.

    Set against a backdrop that includes a gossipy small town, an industrial fire, and a rampaging serial killer, this really was the Year That Everything Happened. This is one of those example films people need to be hit over the head with when they say things like “Oh… it’s a Canadian Film. How good could it be.”

    DUMMY (Netflix) – Adrien Brody plays Steven, who is a bit of a schnook. He lives with his parents, he’s lost his job, and he only seems to find his voice when speaking through his ventriloquist’s dummy. Creepy and sad in turns.

    I think my favorite character is Fangora – Milla Jovovich really reminds me of BREAKFAST CLUB era Ally Sheedy when she’s on stage. She’s credited with performing a number of the songs as well.


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