• Dead Fish, Get Low, American: The Bill Hicks Story (274/150)

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    DEAD FISH (Netflix) – This is a British comedy with a relatively high body count and some characters that are interesting enough. In true farce style there’s a bit of mistaken identities and mix-ups, odd characters in peculiar situations, and a pedi-cab. There’s an assassin who tries his best to mimic human emotions when it interests him, and an unwitting kid who stumbles into his path. Robert Carlyle plays Angry Robert Carlyle as he’s done so much before; no real surprise there.

    Enjoyable, but undoubtedly forgettable.

    GET LOW (Netflix) – The Mysterious Hermit of Caleb County Throws a Funeral Party!

    Robert Duvall and Bill Murray have parts that seem written just for them. Murray seems to me to have this way of appearing completely UNcomfortable inside his own skin; something about the way he moves that works really well here. To think I’d started off the night on Netflix looking for CADDYSHACK…

    He keeps running into people who say they’ve heard stories about him, and he keeps coming back with “tell one” and freaking people out and clamming up. So, he resorts to a sort of bribery to see what all these horror stories are about. The plan changes into one where he will tell the real story, and the real story is tragic, and not quite what everyone in town imagines.

    AMERICAN: THE BILL HICKS STORY (iTunes) – This is the quite possibly the best approach to what would normally be nothing but talking heads being interviewed. There’s a little bit of early home movie footage of the Hicks family, but where there isn’t, rather than staring at video of the interview subjects, there’s some great animation made out of old stills. Some great 3D scenes composited from stills, and some really funny pieces from the clubs on amateur video.

    I really didn’t know his full story with drug and booze addition or how long he worked being one of the few people who knew how sick he was.


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