• I Saw The Devil, My Name Is Bruce (271/149)

    by  • 5/29/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    I SAW THE DEVIL – Korean thriller with a serial killer and a vigilante cop. Police are searching for a body, and recoil comically in horror when they find it. Melodramatic, and well shot. Beautiful photography and stoic central characters. The cop catches the killer, and nearly kills him. He decides, instead to take the path more evil and lets him go… lets him go to attack and even kill again, so that he can be stopped again? Very odd.

    The vigilante cop doesn’t seem to care about the collateral damage, it seems. Nobody else suffers like he suffers, and by the end, nobody is as evil as he is.

    MY NAME IS BRUCE (Netflix) – Super silly, from the theme song duo to the self-deprecating Bruce Campbell fake films like CAVE ALIENS and CAVE ALIENS 3 (everyone agrees CAVE ALIENS 2 never happened. I liked the happy ending best, I think.


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