• The Collapsed, The Hangover (268/147)

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    THE COLLAPSED (Carlton) – This is a low budget post-apocalyptic thriller. Not TROMA FILMS low-budget, but a pretty good looking film for the price. With $35000, you can now produce a pretty believable feature film. It helps if the director is willing to do craft services as well as everything else. The acting is fine, and while there are a couple rough edges with a bit of unnatural dialogue and motivation, and a bit heavy-handed with the “IT”, but all in all it was enjoyable and a good effort.

    Apparently there are already deals in place to have this on a Canadian movie channel, and some international channels as well, so not hard to imagine this film hitting profit pretty quick on a budget like this.

    The Collapsed web site

    THE HANGOVER – Figured that I’d give it a chance, see if maybe I should go see the followup that’s in theatres. I was surprised, actually. While the premise is mostly silly, I do like the characters. It’s a pretty well-traveled road; an amnesia story, where a character wakes up and is in a bad situation that they can’t remember getting into. I was happy it wasn’t as juvenile and fart-humor-fuelled as I’d feared.


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