• Testament (266/146)

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    TESTAMENT – Another 1980s Nuke Frenzy film, but this one is a bit weirder than WHEN THE WIND BLOWS or THE DAY AFTER. They spend the first 20 minutes of the film with nothing wrong – no talk of problems, war, etc. It Just Happens. There’s a super bright flash when the bombs go off, but there’s no destruction. I don’t think they were going for accuracy in anything here.

    Time moves at a weird pace; in one scene, everything is fine, then BANG! one kid just dies with no sickness or anything. Just cut to a body wrapped in blankets. Everyone in this small town just helps each other, with hardly any complaining or fighting; people line up for supplies, they line up for gas. Sure, they’re a little Stressed Out, but they’re all being Good Citizens.

    Apparently this was released theatrically in the 80s, which might explain why it’s a little bit less naive feeling than THE DAY AFTER in some ways.


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