• When The Wind Blows, Tucker & Dale vs Evil (263/144)

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    WHEN THE WIND BLOWS – I was going through a big box of old CDs last week, and ripping them to MP3s. I lost a bunch of MP3s in a hard drive crash a couple years ago and haven’t got around to re-importing a couple hundred discs. I came across my copy of the WHEN THE WIND BLOWS soundtrack and re-imported (and re-split that last massive multi-song 6th track), when I realized that I’ve had the soundtrack to this film about 20 years. While that’s scary in its own right, I’d never tracked down the film itself.

    It’s completely different than the other nuclear war scare movies produced in the US in the period; this one isn’t gore filled or horrifying. It’s an animated film about retired couple Jim and Hilda Bloggs over maybe a week of time; a couple days Before Bomb, and a couple days After Bomb.

    Jim and Hilda reminisce about how much fun there was to be had in WWII, and almost seemed to welcome the idea of return of those good times they remembered. Jim starts to build an impromptu, government recommended shelter and otherwise prepare the house for the coming blast. The Official List has peanut butter among the supplies, and they are concerned that they don’t have any; even though neither of them like the stuff.

    Jim seems to be taking preparations seriously mostly because they come from the official government pamphlets, and they must know about these things. He heads to the shops and returns with all the supplies they should need for the anticipated 14 days in the shelter; a tin of Christmas Pudding, a tin of pineapple, and little else.

    It’s a sad film, because there’s only really one ending possible, and this dotty old pair aren’t going to make it. They were seriously under-prepared, but thought they’d be just fine so long as they kept calm and carried on. How could something you can’t see kill you?

    On the soundtrack CD, and why I’d pick up a soundtrack for a film I’d never even heard of at the time. I’ve always been a fan of the compilation or sampler CDs, because if there was one artist I knew and liked, there was a chance that the ones on there that I didn’t know would be good too. Samplers were often cheap, which was one of the biggest selling features for those of us working minimum wage. The discs would sit around forever and then be thrown on clearance after a couple months, because nobody in Red Deer but me would buy these things at the mall stores. Compilations like “Stanley, Son of Theodore” and Rykodisc with its “Steal This Disc” series, and label samplers like the early ones from Nettwork

    This is in the dark days before The Internet, when the world was dark and without form.

    TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL – I wasn’t sure about this at the start – the scene of the college students in the vehicle right at the start seemed badly acted or written… but once we meet Tucker and Dale, I came to the conclusion that scene was as much satire as anything else. Alan Tudyk is great, and Tyler Labine is pretty good at playing to type.

    With the shout “HEY! WE GOT YOUR FRIEND!” the Big Misunderstanding begins.

    There’s an origin story that’s missing one key piece of information revealed later, there’s a secret weapon to bring down the maniak, there are chainsaws and impalings, and an insane hillbilly killer, all with a couple sit-com style misunderstandings.

    Take SHAUN OF THE DEAD, but make it about a hillbilly slasher horror, but tell it from the misunderstood zombies’ point of view. Sort of. Not really, but that’s one of the closest parallels I can think of.


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