• Sid and Nancy, The Fast and The Furious (243/136)

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    Two variations on living fast and dying hard…

    SID AND NANCY (DVD) – I can see why John Lydon didn’t like this film. It seems to portray him as having some sort of sexual jealously when he sees Sid and Nancy together. There are some nice historical touches, like a recreation of the Bill Grundy interview, and the first club scene where apparently Poly Styrene was supposed to be singing “Oh Bondage!”

    Malcolm McLaren, for all of his faults is portrayed like some kind of comic book villain, and Nancy Spungen is hardly more than a caricature, and feels over acted. Seriously, I could hardly wait for her to die.

    Then I went and looked up what the rest of the band said about the film; and I think Johnny Rotten said it pretty well…

    I cannot understand why anyone would want to put out a movie like Sid and Nancy and not bother to speak to me; Alex Cox, the director, didn’t. He used as his point of reference – of all the people on this earth – Joe Strummer! That guttural singer from The Clash? What the fuck did he know about Sid and Nancy? The chap who played Sid, Gary Oldman, I thought was quite good. But even he only played the stage persona as opposed to the real person. I don’t consider that Gary Oldman’s fault because he’s a bloody good actor. – John Lydon in his autobiography Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs…

    It’s just not really a good film; they played it up as if it was based in reality, but to paraphrase Lydon, about all they got right was that he was named Sid. Plus, it’s like they were trying to make a punk movie in the mid 80s to play on TV. It’s almost like The Sex Pistols played Quincy, just with a couple more curse words.

    THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS (DVD) – People kept telling me that I just wasn’t giving Vin Diesel a chance, and that I was just dismissing the films out of hand without watching them. So, I gave the first in the series a try. I figure that after the less than stellar re-watch of SID AND NANCY, how bad could it be? Oh, yeah.

    The fight at the cafe reminds me of the alley fight in THEY LIVE. “PUT ON THE GLASSES!” “NO!” “PUT ON THE GLASSES!” “NO!” “PUT ON THE GLASSES!” “NO!” *POW*

    Much of the dialogue sounded like it’s been redone in ADR after the fact – there’s a certain lifelessness to it, especially at the start. Either that lessens over time, or I got used to it.

    Though, who the hell would hijack a truck that way? Road block and shotguns would work just fine; grappling hooks and high speed boarding of the cab? Dumb. It’s not funny or amusing, it’s just dumb. Other than that, though… The movie’s not that bad. It’s short on plot, and motivation for the undercover cop to become little more than an accomplice is basically non-existent, but yet I don’t hate this… So confused.


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