• Terminator, 28 Days Later (232/131)

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    TERMINATOR (Fanedit) – I apparently only had TERMINATOR 2 stored in my memory – I don’t remember any of this. The “punks”, the restaurant Sarah works in, these phones you put money in in order to call someone… Most of this movie is something of a surprise to me, and it’s not just the re-added scenes. I think I may have only watched this once, on a VHS tape in the late 80s. Scary.

    Sarah picks up her pet iguana, and it opens its mouth wide in the “I’m going to bite your nose off” move that our old lizard used to try. She swings the thing reeeeeally close to her face a couple times. Anyone who’s ever had an iguana would recognize this imminent bite posture; I wonder if Linda still sports a nose scar…

    This edit has a couple extra minutes, and they seem like they’re mostly edited in from the deleted scenes section of the DVD, so it’s pretty seamless, and there’s nothing that really feels like it shouldn’t be there. More info on this edit

    IMDB lists TERMINATOR 5 for 2014 with Arnie attached. This is a joke, right?

    28 DAYS LATER (Fanedit) – Science be damned, this is one of my favorite modern day zombie-like films. It starts out as a sort of OMEGA MAN, last man on Earth thing, Well, it starts out that way. Then there’s the whole soldier compound thing where it just feels like another movie entirely and they started getting all wordy about ethics. This edit takes a fair bit of time out of the last half of the film, and it’s all from after the point where they find the military outpost – the part of the film that I felt slowed the film to a near standstill when I watched it the first time. More on this edit


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