• Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Episode II – Attack of the Clones (222/126)

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    Seriously – some of these people doing the fan edits need to go pro – some of them have done a lot with relatively little source material. Today has another two fan edits of STAR WARS films that are SO much less offensive to me than the originals were. I found ATTACK OF THE CLONES so bad in the theatre that I couldn’t be bothered to see the final chapter of the prequel trilogy. I’m not tied to some sort of fannish ideal of what the films should have been like as far as the story; the original theatric (and DVD) cuts were of horrible films. These fan edits really impressed me – some pretty solid


    This one goes a bit too far on the making Jar Jar Binks less obnoxious; it tries to turn him into a wise character by getting rid of his dialogue, replacing it with a garbled speech, and re-wording what he says through sub-titles. Sadly, the editor here wasn’t a very good writer, and Binks comes off as still annoying, just in a different way. Based off the original Phantom Re-Edit, this film has a flow that’s far superior to the released version of the film. Much better this way than the way I remember it the first time around. Fan edit details.


    The editor behind this retitled from “ATTACK OF THE CLONES” to “PATH TO THE DARK SIDE” because he was trying to push the movie to a much darker feel with the scenes he removed. The film still clocks in at two hours long after having all the teen angst and much of the crappy dialogue removed. It’s definitely darker, with much more focus on how Anakin loses his way. I still feel that the film is just too long, but it at least seems to flow better than I remember.

    I really didn’t like this film after seeing it in the theatre; the emo, kissy-face Anakin bugged me, and really took me out of the film. I know they needed to setup the relationship between Anakin and Padmé in order for there to BE an original trilogy, but it’s like all aspects of the budding relationship were scripted by someone who had never met a girl.

    The DVD of this re-cut of the film has all the cut scenes put together into a ~30 minute video of stupid. Chunks of the speeder chase of the bounty hunter, most of the whole whiney Anakin moody teenager thing, some of the Jar-Jar Binks scenes… There’s so much bad dialogue in one chunk of excised scenes. There are a couple jarring edits (death of the bounty hunter), but all in all, it’s a much more successful film. Fan edit details.


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