• Star Wars Deleted Magic Revisited, Northwest Passage (220/125)

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    Fan edit day today. First up is a documentary about a film, and then a LOTR-sized movie made out of the ruins of a TV series. I’m sure that neither of these remixes even comes close to authorized or legal, but they really are fantastic.

    STAR WARS DELETED MAGIC REVISITED (Fan Edit) – In this fan-made documentary / re-edit of A NEW HOPE you’ll hear Chewbacca speak in English, hear David Prowse’s voice for Darth Vader, and see the full scene with human Jabba, reconstructed with the best available video in each shot, composited together. Alternate takes, audition video, cut scenes, etc, are put back together with out-takes and effects shots. Secondary sources such as behind the scenes shots, with audio from the radio adaptation help to fill holes in scenes that just don’t exist anymore. side-by-side shots of 1977 and later editions of the film help to illustrate some of the more obscure changes. Occasionally, there are sub-titles that add script text or details; including a description of the Wilhelm Scream. This is all hacked together to put together a version of the first Star Wars film like nothing I could have imagined; though in many ways it’s exactly the kind of fan edit I was hoping to see. WARNING: SCENES FROM THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL DO APPEARS. More information at fanedit.org, though they don’t have links to download, a bit of searching should turn it up somewhere on the Internet.

    NORTHWEST PASSAGE: A TWIN PEAKS FANEDIT (Fan Edit) – This is quite possibly the best thing to happen to TWIN PEAKS as far as I’m concerned. It was supposed to be a show surrounding the investigation into the murder of Laura Palmer. Thanks to superfluous characters and sub-plots, it really did take its sweet time developing the central story, focusing too much time on dead end characters like Audrey and Josey and Shelley.

    There is no way to list everything that was cut. Simply, if there was a sub-plot that wasn’t needed for the Laura Palmer story it was axed. I’m sure for the purist this is blasphemy, but I urge those people to use their imagination and pretend “Twin Peaks” the series never existed. Virtually all scenes with Catherine Martell, Audrey Horne, Shelly Johnson, and Josie Packard have been removed. The scene where the killer is revealed has been tweaked extending the mystery until the end. Some footage from the final “Twin Peaks” episode has been incorporated.

    From 980 minutes of source material down to 300 – it makes it watchable, and doesn’t get rid of the things that made the series so interesting; Agent Cooper and the investigation. The local police, the FBI, and all the weird donut and coffee rituals, all condensed into five hours of screen time – I think it amplifies just how unusual the town and its people are.

    More information at fanedit.org.


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