• There Will Be Blood, Look Both Ways, The Ten, Cold Sweat (190/113)

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    THERE WILL BE BLOOD (DVD) – Warming up to tomorrow’s Zombie-thon to commemorate the undead status of man-god, I thought that the ominous title might lead to more of a literal religious battle. Unfortunately, the religion aspect was surface-deep, and really centered on how people will use religion to their own ends. here’s a tale of a man fighting Standard Oil and everyone around him with the help of pure

    LOOK BOTH WAYS (Netflix) – I’d seen this previously at Vancouver’s International Film Festival. Oddly, the synopsis on Netflix didn’t really describe this film in the way that I remembered it. I really only remembered the accident and the effect it had on the train driver. I remembered it as a story about how suicide who use innocent people as their weapon of choice destroy the lives of so many more people.There are a series of short animations that appear throughout, showing incredibly horrible deaths as imagined by Meryl, who illustrates sympathy cards.

    It’s quirky and a bit slow through the middle, and there’s a lot of discussion of death. One of the saddest moments I’ve seen in a film is here, towards the end. It’s not sad because someone dies, it’s sad because people have to live on. I think the whole film builds the way it does just to allow one man to deliver four words in a rain storm.

    THE TEN (Netflix) – This film is composed of ten related skits, woven together with a narrative story playing on the same theme illustrating the Ten Commandments. It reminds me a bit of AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON, where some parts play completely dead for me, while others are really good. The story covering Thou Shall Not Covet is likely my favorite, though the one with Winona Ryder trying to take a ventriloquist’s dummy home from the club (Adultery?) was quite funny.

    COLD SWEAT (DVD) – As part of the films I picked up out of the discount bin, I picked up bargain set with three films and ten episodes of a TV program called MAN WITH A CAMERA. I’ve heard of none of this titles, but for $5, what the heck. His wife is played by Liv Ullmann (PERSONA), and there are a number of other surprises in the cast. Bronson has a much larger resumé than I had imagined.

    There’s a scene early in the film where Bronson returns home to his wife, and she’s watching a western on TV; he makes a joke about the character not getting killed; pretty sure it’s one of his films or TV appearances where one man shoots four others in a shoot-out on an Old West street.

    Turns out bargain DVDs aren’t a reliable investment – there’s an error that keeps this from playing completely. Hopefully the second film on the disc works out better. I’m counting this one in the total for now, because I will see this film soon – I need to witness the epic 40 minute car chase I’ve heard about.


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